Mingming the Flapper

Two weeks ago I did a test shoot with Mingming from Longteng agency(龙腾精英). We actually had a different project in mind with a different model but she cancelled less then 24 hours before the shoot. I didn’t want you use the same concept with the new model, so me and the team brainstormed and came up with this 20’s styled shoot.





Shawna puts the final touches on the dress.







Eda finishes the look.







Mingming is a star for the camera.





All the hard work payed off. Here are a few retouched shots.

Chris Kattner_DSC0838Flapper MingMingModel test Flatcrop Chris Kattner_DSC0941Flapper MingMingModel test Flat Chris Kattner_DSC0971Flapper MingMingModel test Flat Chris Kattner_DSC0986Flapper MingMingModel test FlatMingming The Flapper v