Good Girl / Bad Girl Part 1 乖女孩/坏女孩

One girl, two very different looks.
Part 1 the Good Girl (乖女孩)



After the successful shoot with Mingming I still wanted to execute my original shoot concept with Longteng (龙腾) model Yue Huiling. So the following week the team and I reconvened at the ITR Space.

The concept behind these photos was a girl who appears proper and well-mannered when at school ect., but lets her rebellious side loose on the weekend. Initially we thought of using a pink pallet for the “good girl look” but later I decided that pink was too girly. Instead, we wanted something that still suggested a hidden “cool” underneath. Our stylist, Shawna, picked out a few cool things from local shops and made a cute skirt. She does really great work.


For this shoot we had Visen from Jogo studio as MUA, substituting for Eda who had to go to Hong Kong that week. He did a really great job.







I always like too shoot a few Polaroids on this kind of project. That way everyone can have a print to take home at the end of the day.




Visen gave us two unique hair styles. Great volume!!blue2hair


Check back next week for Part 2.
ChrisKattner_004_Blue Huiling

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