Bright Future Breakdown – A Behind the Scenes look at a Fashion shoot

I’ve been getting a lot of questions recently about how we achieved the look for this shoot so I though I’d write up a little behind the scenes blog entry.
Bright Future titlepageLast month had the opportunity to work with Santa, a model from Latvia. She had the right look for an idea I’d been thinking about for a while. A futuristic style fashion shoot in an all white environment. My inspiration for this look comes from sci-fi films like THX 1338 and Logan’s Run.  I wanted that clean white aesthetic often associated with the distant future.  I first put together a mood board of inspirational images. One of the first pictures that caught my eye was a model with white eye make up. Once I had the ideas for the styling settled I knew we would have a great shoot.Bright Future BTS
The set was a bit of a challenge. I knew I could just use a white seamless but I wanted to have more context than that. I wanted something that suggested the interior of a space ship or scientific facility. Initially I had wanted a room filled with various sized glowing white cubes. This turned out to be beyond our budget. Then I though “why not white orbs instead?” Being in China means that you can get Chinese paper lanterns on the cheap. So I went over to the paper lantern market and picked up 25 white orbs for just a few bucks. The look was then completed with a flash projector projecting the squares on to the background. Here you can see what it looked like with and without the projection.bright Future set





Make up for the shoot was once again handled by Eda of Jogo studio and his was assisted by the talented Visen. Shawna was our stylist and, as always, put together some stellar looks.

Bright Future BTS






On the set, the shoot was one of smoothest ever. Santa was great to work with and gave exactly what I wanted. Everything we planned came together so well we even got to try a few extra ideas. Here we are playing with the light table normally used for product photography.Bright Future BTS






 If you missed them before, have a look at the final images from the shoot.


Check back soon for more photos.

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