Back Alley Fashion Shoot

A few weeks ago, on a shoot with Hitomi Ko I met an agent from SMG Models. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe chatted a bit and I asked him if he wanted me to do a test shoot with any of their girls. He thought it was a great idea and so here is our first shoot featuring SMG girls Wenting and Amanda.
The concept was to shoot some cool girls just waiting around in an alley. Maybe there are some boys coming by that they want to be noticed by, but whatever, they’re too cool to really care.

Shawna did a fantastic job with the styling and Visen’s make-up was superb, plus he had help from Ann. SMG wanted the shoot to have a bit of aOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA New York feel. It was tough to find an alley that did didn’t scream China (which I happen to like anyway). The location ended up being just a block away from the SMG office in BinBin Plaza so our cross-Pacific back alley turned out to be right across the street.
The initial plan was to do everything in black and white but in the end we all loved subtle colour tones on the dirty wall so much that few only converted a few into monotone.

One of the most difficult shots was the girls walking down the alley. Despite being quite light with the white walls reflecting so much light it wasn’t quite bright enough. I turned up the ISO as much as I could but still it was tough to stop to movement in there faces but still get a slight blur in the limbs.  After some trial and error though we finally captured what we were looking for. Thanks to the whole team the photos turned out great.



And as always everyone got to take home a few Polaroids.



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